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Nasty week last week in the markets.  We were down 3% plus across the board on the indices.  There were very few places to hide as homebuilders,banks, commodities all were taken down with heavy selling.  The news cycle is terrible right now as every time any politician speaks we sell off as nobody is putting forth any ideas to calm the markets we are just seeing mindless posturing.  Till that happens the market will just keep dumping.  We have seen this over and over now since 2008.  They will force the market down till the govts get off their butts and respond.   My guess is we get a full on gorilla raping of the markets if we dont hear any news.  It can really be any type of catalyst to set off a squeeze to the upside.  Usually once the market gets down to some key levels thats when they unleash some type of news. When and from who…nobody knows.  We are in a day trading environment only. Right now you want to protect all your investments. im 100% cash in my daytrading account, swing trading account, and in my IRA (im looking to deploy cash this week).



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