Evening folks! Consolidation week in the markets. Tricky week last week besides Chinese burritos and Biotechs I couldn’t find much to play. I took less trades last week then I have in years. Its not a big deal some weeks are just like that. In the end the market is an opportunity machine everyday something is going to be there you just got to catch it.  The $spx is just in a tight range right now we should break in a direction real soon and give us some juice whether it is up or down. In the meantime I have left Los Angeles and made my way to Santa Barbara.  I really have enjoyed my time in California beyond the 80 degree weather.  We have had an amazing time I have had over 20 students come and trade with me and just hang out in general making some real life long friendships.



Nasdaq: +0.55%
Russell 2000: +0.33%
S&P 500: -0.20%



WE have a BOOTCAMP starting up tomorrow. This is an action packed class that goes for 3 months designed to take you from A to Z on my method that has led me to make consistent gains every week and every month for years.


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We have 28 classes in 60 days then we put our guys on a trading simulator where we monitor their trades and coach them up to get ready to trade live. Best part is you can retake the class as this is a lifelong endeavor and people learn at a different rate and have different situations.



Anyone who has been trading long enough knows trading psychology is a critical component to success. This is why BOWS provides you with an added edge, something other trading educators don’t.  To accomplish this, BOWs  has partnered  with Dr. Andrew Menaker, a leading trading psychologist who works with some of the top traders in the world. BOW’s has arranged for each bootcamp participant to get access to a self-paced trading psychology course specially designed for BOWS bootcamp participants.   This is one of the many reasons that makes BOWs unique and sets it a part from other trading educators. BOWS goes the extra distance to help you succeed.  Trading is 90% psychology and 10% strategy. Once you get your education there is a huge disconnect from doing what you know is right and actually acting on it realtime! All your demons tend to come out when  money is on the line so its very important to get your inner game going before you trade live.

Here is the course outline and all details: Bootcamp

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