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Evening folks! fun times in the markets we have. Even with a relatively flat market there are stocks flying around everywhere. It is turning out to be a real stock pickers market so far in 2014 as the general indices are flat but certain sectors are running hot.  Biotechs, ipo stocks , chinas all seem to be in play right now.  Giving us tons of opportunities to the long and short side.  Lot of biotech’s made my scans for longs this week which usually means its a good time to keep a bunch of them on watch for shorts. Almost anytime my watch list gets too overloaded with one sector we usually end up wasting that watch list to the long side and end up shorting them.


Fun times last week we had check out my trades!  https://bullsonwallstreet.com/trades-week-16-110/  Im on video during the day calling out the

trades and giving my thoughts live!

Here is @szaman ‘s watchlist https://bullsonwallstreet.com/watch-list-01132013/



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