Evening folks! Hope everyone is having a great night! Green day for the markets but we gave back most of our gains as the market had a late day fade.  This is typical in this type of news environment as you will see the market look for any excuse to sell off.  we also have broken many levels of support the last couple weeks which changes the structure of the market  from buy the dips to fade the rallies mentality till we see some type of catalyst.   We had a sick day trading getting some big rips in $zlc which we scaled out of our last shars in the 12.4s and $noah scaling out the last shares in the 13.3s along with $pran

Great weekly webinar by @mb_willoughby today for our subs! The recording will be up by tomorrow.


Great post by willy on Developing Routines 

And dont forget to check out @szaman s post on Recognizing Trending Environments


Here are my alerts for the day! Guys Im in the chatroom onvideo/audio all day calling out plays. If you havent seen me trade live its quite the production!





[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/55l8ASmvh” width=”” height=””]



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