Boom Boom Stocks 12/18/2014





Evening folks! Hope everyone had a great day. Nice bounce in the $spy today after the federal reserve comments that came out at 2pm the market was off to the races.  The bounce in oil stocks continued today you saw massive squeezes in the beaten down oil names like $lnco $line $gdp.  It was intersting as oil really didnt even move much today but the momentum toook over!


that platform you see up there is our platform in CliqueFund through our bullsilver program.  If anyone is looking for a home to trade in and want access to capital, elite technology, and most importantly mentorship email me  . Watch this webinar I did with Peter to learn how to really supercharge your trading with the proper tools, executions, routing and mentorship.

Amazing story this guy went through from being my intern to now managing 3 different hedgefunds along with one of the risk managers at CliqueFund .  Watch this video in a few short years Peter went from being homeless, to an unpaid intern, to my business partner in multiple hedgefunds along with the designer of our new tradign/charting software that will come up in beginning of 2015!

Path To Profitability with Peter “the intern” Zhang


Guys! Im live on bullsvision with my screens and platform up during the day! If you want to learn to trade in realtime and have trouble seeing how things are pieced together this is the product for you. Every morning I go over my watchlist and any additions along with my gameplan then the market starts and you get to see my live.

Here is a video below of what im doing all day on Bullsvision!






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