Yeeha! Mother market was in a nasty mood. There is a lot going on from economic data in the u.s. to the homo’s in greece throwing out rumors everyday.  The way oil is trading it really makes you wonder if the whole inflation card was overused and a scare tactic.  This huge drop in all commodities just might give HE WHO HAS NO NAME AKA helicopter ben aka master & commander of the universe aka big bazooka ben   the ammo he needs to open the spiggots again for qe3.  qe3 was taken off the table due the high price of oil , food, everything else. Hard to print a few trillion when oil is 115 bucks but under 80 mr bernanke might just decide to that deflation is in the cards and its time to “make it rain”  I traded like a dickhead today….i saw all the plays play out the way i needed to..saw them move the way i knew they would move.. yet for somereason i just wasnt in a few of them!

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