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Nice range in the market today.  It was a bit choppy at times but we had a tradeable range and some action both to the longside and shortside. As a daytrader thats all you can ask for.  Following the morning flush downwards it looked like we were going to test the facebook lows again..but dip buyers came in today and gunned the market higher.  We had an initial dip that scared off everyone which got bought and we made an end of day run led by $fb and friends.  This is a tricky tape I myself got stuck in the fuckery a couple times today.  Its a scalpers market while we base here at the lows.  As a momo trader when the market is stuck in a “box” or range it makes it tricky as the booooooooooooooooooooms are not that boomy. YOu have to nip and tuck your way to profits.  This market needs news and it needs it fast…There can only be so many failed attempts at a bounce before we flush it. My guesstimate is one for flush lower and then the market will get what it wants. Regardless June is going to be an epic month as volatility will be high and the rumors will be flying.  Anybody seen the price of oil ?!! DEFLATION is upon us!

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Nice job today by big willy and bengali tiger ..  the tiger aka @szaman nailed the bounce in $fb nearly to the penny. at 27 bucks or so… amazing job. He wrote a blog for the guys detailing the setup.

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