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Retail Stock Watch List – Week 6/7/2010

Here are a few stocks to consider as you prepare for Friday’s retail numbers…

6/3/2010 gameplan

      Morning folks.  Futures up a tad. Mostly due to the huge run overseas during the night.  the initial jobless claims number are out.   there has been  No movement.  Steady is not really that  good. New Claims […]

6/2/2010 gameplan

morning everybody.. futures pointing to a slight higher open (but barely very barely)  overseas we are seeing red. Europe about 1% lower.   As long as we stay under are main longterm moving average the more defensive we get.  Right […]

6/1/2010 Watch List

Here are a few stocks that showed up on my scans this morning as possible long swing opportunities. Careful, market must show strength if we’re goign to swing long.

6/1/2010 gameplan

  1st vid indexes. 2nd setups     faf

5/28/2010 watchlist

  I am starting to see some bullish setups. Not the ideal flattop breakouts that i prefer or the straight momo plays.  But i am noticing quite a few “bottom bounce'” plays and also numerous stocks breaking out of decending […]

5/28/2010 gameplan

afdfasdfda    We easily took out the first level of overhead resistance at S&P 1090 this morning and then made a big move back to the 200 day moving average. In doing so, we partially filled last week’s gap, broke […]

News analysis on NEP

Well guys, the good news is we’re still here!

5/27 MidDay update

      We are right under resistance….lets see if this afternoon we can make a push through.  on 60minute timeframes the markets have broken loose.    If downside protection is needed a short on the $spy or using $sds […]

5/27/2010 watchlist

  Odd market..With the fade yesterday pretty much the text book play would be gap down.  Looks like we reversed in the futures markets.  this is bear market trading my friends.  Full of reversals, no trend…nothing stays the same for […]

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