Path to Profitability – Come Hear the Peter Zhang Story!

Last week, we heard from 60 Day Bootcamp student Wes Bays. Wes talked about his journey as a trader and how the Bulls Bootcamp helped him overcome some trading issues and set him on a path to being a consistently profitable trader. It was a great time and helped a few traders decide to buckle down and get that foundation of knowledge they have been lacking.  Having a mentor can be a lifechanging thing.  It goes beyond trading so many of the students I’ve had and people ive mentored in our business go on to do amazing things and its not always in daytrading.  The things that you learn when you have someone successful guiding you goes beyond just chart patterns.  You learn how to act in certain situations, you learn the proper habits it takes to be successful, and most importantly you learn the mindset you need to win.

team-petewe will be hearing from another Bulls on Wall St. alum: Peter Zhang. Peter has quite a story – a story that’s worth listening to regardless of where you are as a trader. Let me start by saying that when I first met Peter, he was couch hopping semi-homeless. If he couldnt stay at someones house he would be cruising around looking for shelters.  He wrote me this amazing email when we didnt know each other telling me his story. I ended up hiring him as my intern and spent the next year beating the living crap out of him! We referred to him as Peter the Intern.   I gave him literally the hardest and crappiest stuff I could find to work on.   Then at night we would work on stocks and go over charts every single night!   Now he’s managing 3 different hedge funds that we and the @sanglucci folks are partners in and living in Manhattan. Intrigued? It’s a hell of a story, but one you’ll have to get from Peter himself on Tuesday.

For those of you familiar with the name Peter Zhang, it’s probably because you are trading with our partner hedge fund, Clique. Clique is a revolutionary fund that offers numerous advantages to active traders, and Peter manages it. And that’s yet another reason to join our webinar, as Peter will be talking about some of the exciting things he’s working on for Clique Fund right now. Register here to reserve your spot!


Here is the recording of Peters amazing webinar!




For a taste of what you’ll get on Tuesday, check out these “before” and “after” videos from Peter!
See you on Tuesday!

  Just like Peter I have many other successful students who I have done these Path To Profitability webinars with. Check them out all these guys have a very inspiring story that you can glean some great information on but they all have 1 thing in common.  They are just regular people that had these common traits.

10 Traits of Successful Students Turned Traders



Here is the youtube playlist for the past P2P webinars







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