Boom Boom Stocks

Here is todays watch list! Not much showing up on scans except commodity stocks like oil & gold.  For those of you in my chatroom you guys know I hate trading gold stocks!   tomorrow will be a less is more type of day most likely so hang tight and let things develop.  When there are few good setups running around and we are in some distribution days you will get a lot of false starts at the open.  Today I lost 1400 bucks in the first 30 minutes trying to trade everything. Buy, sell, long, short all of it.  Then after the first hour when the trends revealed themselves i was able to make my money back but still I could have had a sweet day if I had just not got sucked into the spin cycle at the open today!

Szaman was on fire today. He wrote a blog about Short Squeezes one of his favorite setups


Don’t forget to watch our last Path To Profitability Webinar with Wes from last week! What a story this kid has about turning his trading career around. He gives some great tips on his favorite setups and how to handle the mental side of trying to become

 Path To Profitability with Wes


Bulls Vision is off to a resounding success!  It is a peek at my desktop while I’m trading via screenshare. What better way to learn live and really see the setups  in realtime the way I am seeing them!


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