Blockchain Wins Again! Day Trading NETE Stock While It Soars 300%

Another day, another stock that doubles or triples on a blockchain catalyst. Crypto’s have been hot lately. But stocks that are releasing news with association to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have seen the same, if not bigger gains intraday! This week we traded NETE in our bulls chatroom. They released a news statement announcing a new blockchain-focused subsidiary. After gapping up overnight, we ripped this stock as it soared as high as 300% for a nice intraday trade! Here’s some tips how you can bank on blockchain stocks that gap huge like NETE.

Big Gaps Need to Pullback

Stocks that gap up huge during pre-market will often sell off at the open. People will often take profits as soon as the market opens. Once the sellers are worked out, these stocks will often recover and give a long play. NETE did exactly that. There was an even higher probability of a recovery given the blockchain catalyst, so once the intraday setup started to form, we didn’t hesitate with our entry. Here’s a video about how we traded NETE :

Patience Is Needed For The Right Entry

On a stock that is gapping up this much, the right entry can be difficult. You never know how far it will come in before it pushes. In this type of scenario, it is better to wait for confirmation. If the stock just sells off relantesley right off the open, you don’t want to try to catch a falling knife, and guess if it will hold up or not. Once you get some curling action and a VWAP reclaim, you’ve got a great set up for a long play. You want to pay attention to the range in these plays as well. Once you combine all these factors plus a tight range break to the upside, it brings even more conviction to your trade.  

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