21 Stocks To Watch Before New Years Eve

Cryptocurrencies have undoubtedly been the theme to the end of 2017, but there has been some incredible momentum to capture in the equities sector. The relentless uptrend of the SPY has offered a plethora of opportunities in stocks throughout the year. Here are 21 stocks to watch for the last week of the trading year.

NETE: One of the many names this year that has made a ridiculous move on a blockchain catalyst. Despite gapping up 300% 3 days ago, it has held up in the higher part of its’ range, and has not rolled over.

FB: We’re seeing a lot of high volume buying on dips in this name into the end of the year. It’s currently pulling back the 9 MA. If it holds the dip and breaks over the recent high, we will likely get some nice follow through, and maybe something to hold into the New Year.  

NFLX: Another tech name to watch into the end of the year. It recently had a big pullback to the 170’s, but it has been grinding back slowly and developing a nice uptrend. If it can reclaim the 50 MA, it will give a good long play. We have this stock on nice momentum on a MA remount, so it would seem likely to follow through again.

AMZN: High priced stock, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t money to be made, even if you have a small account. We can see that just taking 20 shares of this will still give a nice gain with its range. It’s pulling back to the 9 MA now, and with a strong name like this we just need to see some confirmation and hold the MA for us to jump in.

GOOG: Another high priced name, currently pulling back to the 9 MA after a big push. We’re looking for a play similar to AMZN. Some confirmation of it holding the MA, and then we will look for the long entry.  Options are useful for playing these names, because you can get a little more leverage and not use as much of your BP if you have a small account.

MDGL: Pharmaceutical stock that has been on a monster trend this year. It has been consolidating and holding its gains since its big gap and push, on the 6th of this month. It’s on watch for a break of the big psychological 100 number. We should get a nice pop that will bring some nice momentum back into this name. Make sure to take small size on these plays, with such a low float and this kind of range.

SSC: Another stock that has been holding a strong uptrend with a blockchain catalyst. It has been on a nice uptrend with its 9 MA. It recently broke out over the 5 level, and is on watch for another pull back to the 9 MA for an entry for a swing.

LGIH: A low float housing stock that has been on a great trend this year. It has had some incredible relative strength to its’ sector. If housing starts to move again, this stock will definitely be one to look for an entry on. It’s right on highs at the moment, so you will want the stock to consolidate or pull back a bit before entering. You can get more aggressive with your entry and get in at these levels, but be sure to take smaller size.

RFP: A paper stock that has made an over 100% move this year. Like LGIH, it has broken out recently and is at highs. It would be a good idea to wait for another pullback before entering.

FSLR: Solars have all been very hot this year, and this stock has been one of the strongest stock in this sector. This is another stock that has been trending with its 9 MA the past few weeks, so we will look to enter after it shows some strength after its latest pullback. Once we see it break over the recent high, that will be the buy signal.

BABA: In a very similar daily context as NFLX. We’re looking for a break through and hold of the 50 MA,  combined with a break through the 180 level. Has a thick float so you should expect your move to happen over the course of days/weeks rather than hours.

GRUB: A food delivery company that has been on a great up trend. At the moment it’s in pullback mode, so it would be a good idea to wait for some confirmation rather than just buying randomly on a dip.

NVDA: Similar trend to BABA and NFLX, this year. Has made an over 100% move this year, and has connections with blockchain technology and semiconductors. There are two possible entry spots to enter: Over the 198 level, and over the 201 level. The break of 198 should take us back to the 200 psych level, and once we start to hold over that level we should get a push back to the 205-210 levels.

RACE: This stock has been on a tear since 2016. Once we break over and hold over 111-112 level, we should get back to the 120 level and maybe ATH’s. We have seen this stock explode on its reclaim of the 50 MA in the past, so it seems likely it will do it again.

CAT: A stock with a thick float, but it has been consistently offering great momentum trades this year. Right now it is at all time highs and has yet to pull back the last few days. Once it pulls back and holds we will look for an entry to take us back to highs.

TSLA: A well known name that has been destroying shorts this year (around 25% short interest and up around 100% YTD). It has been following a similar trend to Google, Facebook, and Amazon when they were younger companies. It looks like it double topped in the 380’s, but it had very little follow through to the downside. It is now pulling back to its MA’s and starting coil a bit. Will definitely be on watch for increasing volume and breaks to the upside of the sideways consolidation.

AAPL: Apple is a great longer term play, but not so much for a short term swing or day trade. It will still be one to watch in the upcoming weeks, because it has been consolidating nicely the past few weeks in the upper part of its daily range. A break of the range to the upside will likely result in continuation if its’ uptrend of this year.

FCX: Just had a big breakout to 52 week highs, but is very extended at the moment. We would definitely need a pullback and some signs of strength before getting an entry. It is been trending nicely the last few months. Hopefully it will pullback and give an entry signal the next few weeks.

X: Has been slowly grinding back since its major earnings breakdown mid year. It has been forming a nice uptrend in recent weeks. If it breaks out from the previous all time high at the 40 level, we could see a huge run again like it had early in the year.

DO: Stocks in the energy sector have been hot lately, and DO has been one of the strongest stocks in the sector. The energy ETF, XLE, recently had a major breakout which could bode well for continued momentum for DO. Has a lot of potential for an explosive move.

M: Slow moving stock, but has been developing a strong trend in recent months. Retail has been getting destroyed the past year, but it looks like the sector has been getting a relief bounce at last. M has been flagging in a tight range on the daily in the past few weeks, and will definitely be one to watch for a break to the upside in the upcoming weeks.  

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