5 Characteristics of the Best Stock Traders

stock traders

What separates the best stock traders from the rest?

The question I get on almost a daily basis.

Today we are going to answer it.

After working with thousands of students over the past 13 years, I have seen a consistent set of traits in the traders who become consistently profitable.

In this quick video, I will share the MOST common trait I have seen in all of my successful students, and how you can develop this trait yourself:


This is the MOST important trait. The journey to consistently profitable trading is anything but linear. You will have many bumps in the road. There will be days when you feel like you can do wrong. and there will be days/weeks where you cannot put on a winning trade to save your life. Most traders give up after their first set back.

I get a lot of students who come to me with a similar story like one of our current Boot Camp students,  Jason:

best stock traders in the world

Jason was able to bounce back from a $40,000 loss because of his resilience. Every trader goes through these ups and downs. Without exception. Your resilience is what allows you to stay in the game, even when all seems lost.


Jason’s story leads me to this trait. The best stock traders are all down to earth, humble people. Being humble is what allows you to be strong, and build up competence.

In Jason’s case, he realized that he was missing the knowledge and expertise needed for consistently profitable trading. No trader comes into the markets with the knowledge and expertise needed to become consistent.

When you are new or struggling, you have to admit that you don’t have the knowledge or skill set to succeed (yet). And then seek mentorship from those that have done it already.


The best stock traders have daily routines before the trading day. They are disciplined, meaning they do things they don’t want to do but know they NEED to do to be successful. Journaling. Reviewing charts. Preparing for the market open.

Our student Mike found consistency once he created a set routine for himself every day, and stuck to his trading plans:

stock traders

He found his niche, and had the discipline to STICK to it, and avoid deviating into trading other setups where he has no edge.


This is a big one. Patience to wait for the right trading setup. Patience to get the right entry. The right exit. To let winners ride.

Also just being patient enough to find trading success. Many traders fail because they come in with expectations of becoming a successful trader within a few weeks. Stock traders who understand this will be able to stay in the game long enough to find success.

That’s why our Boot Camp is 60 days long. We try to get our students in the mindset that consistency is NOT an overnight event. And if you go into trading with impatience for results, you will never find the success you are looking for.


Anything worthwhile in life takes time and dedication to complete. Building muscle and strength. Losing weight. Learning a sport. Mastering a musical instrument. Getting a Ph.D.

The time you put in to become a successful trader will allow you to live a life with the freedom that only select few others can enjoy.

No boss, work from anywhere, and no ceiling on your income.

What’s a few months or years to master a skill set that has the potential to build your wealth for the rest of your life?

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