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Watch List 10/23/2013

Rally continues in the Market, however choppy/sloppy action in most individual names.  All the indices riding upper bollinger band, making things choppy and dicey. A pull back  to even on Fridday’s gap fill will refresh some charts with new energy.If […]


Watch List 10/21/2013

Another great week in Bulls chat room with $9906 gains for the week. Market getting extended so keep an eye on the index’s if  you trade longs.If you want to learn to trade like us and stop blindly following other […]


Watch List 10/18/2013

Another rally day in the Market after resolution from Washington. However many names now looks a bit tired. Index’s have “V” shape run and if we have gap up again tomorrow i will be cautious to initiate new longs,if we […]


Watch List 10/16/2013

Down day in the market as the drama in Washington continues with no resolution yet. In terms of trading individual stocks, this market has been one of the best, where stocks like VISN, BORN with 50/100% gains in a day! […]


Watch List 10/14/2013

Bounce continues in the Market , small cap index IWM  and tech heavy QQQ almost back to the highs.Impressive showing by the Bulls with the hope for resolution on Government shutdown soon. Technically after massive 2 day of bounce, few […]


Watch List 10/11/2013

Big bounce in the market in hope for possible resolution on government shutdown. Great day for bio tech names that we have talking about  last few days. After such big green day things tends to get a bit dicey next […]


Watch List 10/09/2013

Market finally gave in after no news about resolving government shut down. We finally saw many recent momentum name get hit hard.We had great day in the chat room with $3565 gains for the day. Most of our gains came […]


Watch List 10/07/2013

Market holding up really well during the U.S Government  shut down. S&P-500 keeps on bouncing 50 MA area, Technology  heavy QQQ  and small cap IWM successfully tested 20 MA. Seasonality wise  September and October tend to be volatile and news […]


Watch List 10/01/2013

Gap down day in the market as S&P-500 closed down below 50MA. Anything cam happen now in this news driven Market.I am still finding quiet a few nice long setup. Great September for Bulls crew  with $31,273 gains for the […]


Watch List 09/30/2013

S&P-500 trying to hold on to 20MA with 50 MA support under. News driven indecisive Market so anything can happen here. Theme for the last week was strength in individual sectors and small caps stocks  as Bulls official trade alerts […]


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