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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 04.09.2018

Technically weak market was hit again with China tariff news and down we go. SPY drama around 200 MA continues. It has been tapped so many times, at this point I think it is less relevant. 254.67 is the big […]


Trading Watch List 04.06.2018

Decent bounce and flow through day after SPY broke trend line closed above 8 EMA Wednesday. SPY over 266.64, next resistance is at 20 MA followed by 270 area. 270 area should be some strong resistance for now.Decent action from […]


Trading Watch List 04.04.2018

Choppy day in the market but bulls manged to close SPY over 200 MA. Bulls has a shot here for tradable bounce if they want to over 8 EMA , 262 area. A break below 200 MA again should bring […]


Trading Watch List 04.02.2018

SPY managed to hold 200 MA and a bounce that stalled at 8 EMA and previous support now turned resistance. Hard to tell if this was a just a short covering rally ahead of the long weekend .Next week we […]


Trading Watch List 03.28.2018

We got our oversold bounce on Monday but a rug pull by bears Tuesday. SPY gave up most of gains from Monday. Next time if breaks below 200 MA, might not hold. QQQ was leading the carnage, gave up all […]


Trading Watch List 03.26.2018

Our Bearish bias below 50 MA  came into play. Ugly action in market as bears took control once SPY broke that 100 MA support. SPY closed right on 200 MA. At this point 200 MA is weak support. Ideally a […]


Trading Watch List 03.21.2018

SPY broke 20 and 50 MA support. Bounced 100 MA  and now sitting on a no mans land between 50 MA and 100 MA. Bulls wants too see SPY back over 50 MA. Bears would love a crack of 100 […]


Trading Watch List 03.19.2018

Flat day for the market.SPY closed tad below 50 MA but the support zone getting defended. 20 MA next obvious support. Action was slow on Friday. Seeing some decent daily setups. Bulls needs to step up and bring on some […]


Trading Watch List 03.16.2018

SPY 50 MA and support zone getting defended. A break below 50 MA now leaves the door open for a test of 20 MA. Bulls needs build here and go. Despite the weakness , it has been market for individual […]


Trading Watch List 03.14.2018

Market took a breather after an overbought run. SPY first support 8 EMA, 275 area  and then on a gap fill to 274 area.Few days of basing here would set up some new charts. If you are struggling with your […]


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