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Trading Watch List 02.04.2019

Indecision day Friday, as expected we are beginning to see some churning here in major resistance zone. As far as individual stocks, many beginning to show some fatigues as intraday range getting shallower. Ideally,market needs some pullback/consolidation to reset some […]


Trading Watch List 02.01.2019

SPY finally made that move to 270 that we have been expecting all along. Next obvious resistance is 200 MA but we might also see some churn/consolidation. Here is my stock watch list for 2/1: Nice moves from watch list names […]


Trading Watch List 01.30.2019

SPY congestion mode over 50 MA support and under 267 resistance. Hopefully , upcoming big earnings this week will help it to pick the next direction. Here is my stock watch list for 1/30: If you’re unsure of trading strategies,struggling […]


Trading Watch List 01.28.2019

SPY grinding it out. Needs to get over 267 to make a run for 270 and 200 MA . Support on 50 MA zone. Here is our stock watch list and gameplan for 1/28: Strong price action  in individual names. […]


Trading Watch List 01.24.2019

Market in a healthy consolidation mode. SPY so far defending 50 MA and 260 support zone. Here is our day trading watchlist for 1/24: Not much fear until 50 MA breaks on closing basis. If you’re unsure of trading strategies,struggling […]


Trading Watch List 01.22.2019

Market marches on after 260 resistance was taken out. Here is the BOWS day trading watchlist and gameplan for 1/22: 270 is obvious resistance now followed by 200 MA . 260 short term support followed by 8 and 20 MA. […]


Trading Watch List 01.18.2019

SPY touched our  50 MA target and closed over it. Many people are looking for a pull back which i am sure will happen sooner or later but no reason to anticipate it, just react when it finally does come. […]


Trading Watch List 01.16.2019

SPY close above 26o resistance. Despite so so earnings from banks, government shut down, Brexit noise. Market keeps on  holding up and dips getting bought. Must respect the trend. 50 MA magnet next as QQQ already at 50 MA. Short […]


Trading Watch List 01.14.2019

Another narrow range day for indices. Market is in waiting mode for earning season to start  this week. Regardless of index, actionable strength in individual stocks. Indices digest the gain while individual stocks run, exactly what bulls want to see. […]


Trading Watch List 01.11.2019

Market grinding it out.  SPY, consolidation type action below  260 resistance. Short term overbought but respect the price action. Ideally, few  days of basing would relieve  overbought  condition to tackle 50 MA resistance. As far support , 255 and then […]


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