Morning folks. Premarket we are gapping down a tad.  market is chopping around in anticipation for the jobs report.  Normally we see traders postion themselves for it but these days its seems they are pulling out to see what the numbers are.  Remember the expection for them is that they will suck. so when then come out as bad..people are expecting it.
 top picks CRME, UTSI, BANR
 Banr looks ready for a swing a buy in the 2.3s stop at 2.18


$grow watch the break of 6.5ish

$npsp pharms have been running, watch break of 7.3’s

$zz got this one on breakout pullback watch, looks to be consolidating


Type: candle | line | technical    Timeframe: daily
keep an eye on the stocks from past watchlist on tuesday some of those are ready too



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