8/4/2010 gameplan


$spy pulled back on light volume yesterday, which for me was nothing more than a buying opportunity.  With oil running and the market dips still getting bought I’m still a buyer for the week.  Don’t forget the job numbers on Friday, that’s the only thing that we got to watch out for this week.  Until then, lets continue to add on dips and buy breakouts.  Here’s a list of the stocks im watching today:

here are some stocks that showed up on a scan for earnings beat along with good price and chart pattersn. Often a stock that beats earnings can run for months especially if the chart is near a breakout point


$trs good earnings(beats by $0.21, beats on revs; raises FY10 guidance) and breakout spot, could run hard.

$nvmi good earnings and bustout spot, could run hard over 6 bucks

$expd same thing good earnings and near chart breakout


$cldx chart looks good in this 5.30 area.. gonna bust loose with volume, past the 200 at 5.42 and its gonna pop

$cigx retesting last weeks highs, gonna go past 2.25

$afop breakout continuation.. im a buyer over 1.85 with volume.

$chci  on watch.. buy $1.88-1.90 area or pullback to 1.50’s.

$cytx  looks like a buy in this low 5.35 area.. watch the volume, looks ready to go

$oiim breakout watch, buy on a break of  7.50

$trma got it on squeeze watch, looks to be about that time

Also check the videos from yesterday. Most of that watchlist is still valid and there are a ton of great setups on it.


Type: candle | line | technical    Timeframe: daily

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