Another solid day in the boom room.. market was down but we managed to find some good winners on both the long and short side. Here are the trades from the bulls room today $866.5 in gains. Consistency is key in daytrading.. before you know it you have a huge month on your hands!

Unforunately, you cant just expect to make gains like this if you just jump right in. You have to take the time to learn and practice. There are alot of things that go into trading.. thats why we offer so much education at bulls on wallstreet. Our bootcamp teaches you everything you need to know about trading for income.. send me an email and I will get you the info. Hurry though it starts in a few weeks.

Hot stocks for tomorrow:

INVN- flag breakout over 13

IGT- bear flag.. watch lod break

MED- parabolic breakdown watch

NFLX- breakdown watch.. bear flag

CALX- breakdown watch

SNCR- breakout over 19.5 area

MTOR- flagging.. braek of 4.75 should set this one off




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