7/31 hot stocks

Today was a day that if you lost money its probably because you overtraded. We had a nice day with few trades in the boom room. $887 in gains for us today.



Trade example from today:

SRPT was an easy intraday breakout. We trade these all day in the boom room and turn small gains into big days. We bought srpt on the consolidation break to new highs at 9.67 and sold it into the spike at 9.9 for a 2.4% daytrade.

Stocks to watch for tomorrow:

OWW- breakout watch

NYT- breakout watch over 8

TIVO- breakout over 8.5

CVG- breakout watch over 15.2

S- parabolic short watch

DAL- flagging right under 200dma.. on watch for a short



4 thoughts on “7/31 hot stocks”

  1. awesome mbwilloughby. SRPT was on my personal watchlist also… means i did something right haha. i totally see how you waited for intraday breakout, but curious as to why didn’t buy the 9.16 breakout first, or as well?


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