More Profits From Bali (8k in Two Days!)

I have changed destinations since you last heard from me. Although Hawaii was great, I may be liking Bali even more. I brought my whole family here for vacation and we are having a blast (see the pictures below)! I’ve also continued my hot streak with great trading on the road – I’m up $8k in two days:

Friday PnL










Monday PnL


It’s been a nice followup to my $14k half-week in Hawaii! The great thing is, I’ve been making these gains in a bearish market environment. A lot of people can make money when the market is soaring, but markets are only bullish roughly a third of the time. Making money the rest of the time – when its choppy or bearish – is more challenging, but enormously important if you plan on consistent profitability. I recorded this short video to demonstrate my strategy for shorting into resistance, which works well on days like this.

I’ll teach you this strategy and many more in my 60 Day Bootcamp. One important difference between watching a video like this and taking my comprehensive course is that I end each live class session with a long Q and A. If you have additional questions about how to implement the strategies, or want me to take a look at some charts you are watching, or just need encouragement, I’m available!

I’m running a couple great Christmas offers – only $2400 if you pay in full. Email me ( for details and I’ll add you to my January 19th class!




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