$14k in profits, live from Hawaii!

What a week! I’ve made nearly $14,000 in just four days, day trading live on video for my students and subscribers. Here’s my PnL for today:


…and the rest of the week:
Dec 9th PNL 
Dec 8th PNL  
Dec 7th PNL

Of course, thanks to a few of my market open strategies, I made almost all of those gains in the first couple of hours, giving me plenty of time to explore Hawaii.



  Rented a Corvette yesterday and cruised the coastlines of Hawaii

One of the best setups this week has been day trading the Rubberband Snapback. On Tuesday alone, it gave me $4200 in gains! Here’s a quick video on how to recognize it, but if you really want to master this setup, checkout my Bulls Bootcamp. In the Bootcamp, I teach all of my trading setups: Red to Green, Bottom Bounces, Opening Range Breakouts, Earnings Breakouts, and nine more! Plus, you’ll learn every other aspect of my trading system, like risk management, scanning, and market analysis. If you have questions about the material or our generous payment plans, shoot me an email at kunal@bullsonwallstreet.com and we’ll setup a time to chat!

Tomorrow I’ll be in the air on my way to Sri Lanka (and then Bali after that!), so I won’t be trading in the chat. But while I’m in Bali I’ll be digging into trade reviews of me day trading  with my Bootcamp students, so I look forward to seeing some of you then!




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