3/5 Short Term Trading Watch List

All of these setups might be blown out of the water depending on how the jobs reports goes tomorrow. Either way, I like these companies (technically) and will be watching for possible short term scalps and swings:
ULUVery risky stock – play at your own risk 😉  I’ll do some scalping in here tomorrow if we get some volume strength. I like the move through SMA20 and narrow bollinger bands.

INO – Still looking for move through 1.53 for possible swing. 

BGP interesting over 1.75

QTM over 2.65 for possible swing.  Volume decreasing, so may not play out..

ZANE can’t wait to see the shorts come in here (if you can find shares).

GLG – Not sure want to think here, but it’s going on my watch list because of the narrowing bollinger bands and sideways congestion trading action. Nice volume today, too.

A few ‘less risky’ setups for the morning ( all trading is risky, but you get the idea).

STP – We was earnings earlier today from STP that looked quite good They “reported a fourth-quarter profit after year-earlier losses, helped by the Chinese solar panel maker’s expansion into new markets and cost-cutting efforts. Results topped expectations.”  As I’ve mentioned before, if I’m playing solars I’m playing Chinene solars – just hard to beat their government support and cost of production. From a technical standpoint, $14 is an importing level.  The trade:  I’m looking to swing STP – possibly for a while with $14 as support and stop order just below.  Intermediate target is $15 with stretch target of $17.  This is a stock I don’t mind taking home with me every night as I attempt to swing the leading Chinese play. TSL, JASO, ans CSIQ are others to consider.

RFMD – I just want this bad boy.  I’m always been a fan and really think there is more upside – Volume has been good the last few day, but is now testing trendline resistance. If it moves through I’m swinging long.  I will hold and likely scale out or set a trailing stop as it moves up (assuming it does.  A failure of holding above theis trendline and I’m out.

MBI – This chart wants to be a cup and handle, but the handle is just way too extended.  At any rate, I like today’s action – nice volume, RSI14 through 50, positive Full Sto and the all important positive MACD cross setting up.  The play is simple here – entry above SMA200 (red line) with first target at 5.75 (top of triangle).

 see you tomorrow in the boom factory  @urbanryno



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