3/11 Spec Trade Setups

Here are a few stocks that I’ll be watching tomorrow.  Don’t forget to check recent blog posts.  Most of them are good until they fail to breakout or something changes. 

OK, here we go:

I was going to do a separate blog for solar stocks, but I ran out of time this evening.  Instead, I’ll feature a few solars here that I like (Chinese).  If you were in the boom factory (gold) this afternoon, you probably saw the LDK discussions.  LDK finished very strong and is up after hours. This is one to watch. Check out the daily chart – as you can see, the best entry would have been today on the move through descending trendline.  However, there is a lot of upside potential here, so I’ll keep an eye on it.


CSIQ looks ok.  I would like to have seen more volume otday, but if we have a solar move tomorrow, then we could experience a nice breakout above descending trendline.  SMA50 target.

JASO is currently in a consolidation pattern with decreasing volume.  Entry here would be a move out of top of triangle around 5.10.  We’ll see if the sector supports.

SOL – Lots of history of SMA200 support. If it holds, SMA200 could offer a pretty good entry for swing up. 

Other stocks I’m watching tomorrow:

MENT –  swing opportunity.  If you are unable to trade much during the day and are looking for something to swing instead, look for setups like this – ascending triangles with good volume and obvious support. Swing traders are often times looking for channel trades or obvious support and resistance levels.  It makes for setting stops easier.   Penny stocks are not, by nature of volatility, great for swings.  Look for something that trades with volume and larger market cap. A swing entry for MENT would be somewhere along this trendline with a stop just under – Maybe just above SMA200, in this case.  AHT – mentioned in a recent blog, is another good swing candidate – trade inside the channels or triangles and set stops.

DSCM – breakout candidate above 3.60

YTEC – possible swing above 3.89

RAD – as you can see, RAD has tested that top trendline numerous times and has failed to move through.  However, I’m digging the setup.  If we get through, we could run.  Keep an eye out for possible scalp or swing here.

MU – I still like MU.  I scalped it today, but might be looking for a re-entry tomorrow. 

WNR – testing trendline resistance and SMA100 with volume. Worth watching for possible continuation tomorrow.

That’s all for now – see you in the Boom Factory!



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