3/10 Speculative Trade Ideas

As you know, these are all highly speculative and I’m not trading the
fundamentals – I’m looking for momentum breakouts. It’s very possible
that I could scalp one in less time than it takes to brush
your teeth.  If you jump into any of these plays remember
  1. Calculate
    what kind of gains you’ll need to cover your brokerage fees –  a small
    position in a stock means a larger percentage you’ll owe in fees. 
  2. Don’t fall in love with a stock you know nothing about.  For the stocks
    below, I know very little about the company and therefore nothing about
    their fundamentals.  I won’t hold into heavy losses in the
    hopes of a turn around.
RPRX – risky penny – I like the volume and the overall coiling action after the pop in late January/early Feb.  I’ll keep this one on the radar for possible scalp on volume tomorrow.

NTWK – I’m really digging this setup.  Notice the collapsing bollinger bands and volume pop today.  I’m looking for an entry above .98 with volume tomorrow for possible scalp or swing.  First target 1.05, then 1.10.

IGOI – this was mentioned today in the Boom Factory and I like what’s going on here.

PCBC – lots of penny bank stocks moved today, so I’ll be watching for continuation. PCBC has a lot of resistance at 1.30, but could really move if it gets through. CPF is another – resistance at 1.40.  FBP still on the radar from Monday’s Watch List, as well.

TRID – I like today’s volume and push through 1.60. Worth watching tomorrow for possible run to 1.70, then 1.85.
PMI – Cup and Handle – would like to confirm move above 3.25 before going long.
See you in the Boom Factory.



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