2/6 watchlist

BPAX- breakout at .75

DEPO- watch the break of 6.75, big spot

DCTH- break of 4.5 will send this stock

ZSTN- breakout at 2.92

WRES- stock is flagging.. might make another move

BSQR- stock is flagging, watch break of 4.25

THLD- stock closed on highs.. watch for red to green move.. prolly has another days run left in it

SPF- breakout at 4.24

MOTR- stock broke huge range on friday.. multi day runner. watch for a break of 1.3 (fridays highs)

GNOM- still watching this one for a break of 3.10

RDN- break of 3.25 should set it off.. breakout and break of 200dma

FORM- hot chart.. looks ready for another move. on watch. 5.5 sets it off

DHT- breakout at 1.15.. stock is flagging

PRMW- niceĀ  flat base, on watch for break of consolidation

CEDC- stock might have another run in it.. on watch of break 5.7

LNG- hate the stock.. but its flagging and is gonna run again!


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