Evening folks! hope everyone had a great superbowl sunday.  Nice win by the giants….but now its time to get ready for some work.  This market had a great week last week with strength across the board.  We had a couple attempts on monday and tuesday to break this uptrend we are in the past month but dip buyers keep coming back in defending support.  I had been looking at the spx 1300 as a key level to be defended and we tested it and bounced near perfectly. That gave the market just enough of a pause to continue its onslaught..  We are in some need for a bigger backtest/retest it will give charts some time to refresh but the market always tends to overshoot both ways and we might not get it till we least expect it.  We have had a tremendous opportunity this past month as stocks have been building bases for almost 6 months…its a once a year event to really load up and make some exponential gains.  But now almost all those bases have cleared and we are left with just a few stocks left.  Most of the patterns im seeing are continuation type patterns.  They have broken and had their big thrusts now we are just playing for 2ndary moves a good pullback can really help us on that but once again you just never know when that comes so for the moment ill be trying to shorten my timeframes limit my risk a bit…but still continue to be very aggressive intraday.  We had some huge plays in chatroom last week nailing the breakout in znga at 11.50 which we rode for couple points, scoring an over 50% trade in FFN on this social media momo, the @szaman totally nailed the play on $zolt getting us in at 9.05 and he rode up his last shares to 13s. We are still holding a position in $motr that we added last week in the .8s that we added to on thursday and friday. This stock has a chance to come crashing down but if it can hold here might be our next booooooooooooooomer. The market has been a bit of a grind though and i found myself selling a lot of stocks flat ( i might just be overtrading )  as the market was just grinding higher most of the week and i couldnt get any lift in some positions..i think  apullback will help with some of that portfolio chop

trade well folks! if anybody needs any help or has any questions about the service email me kunal@bullson.ws

here is todays video

[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/dzGYT9hoyu” width=”” height=””]


[screencast url=”http://screencast.com/t/B7NCYyafuU7b” width=”” height=””]










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