Hey guys! Crazy past two days in the markets.. we were down big on monday only to gap up and recover all the losses right back on tuesday. If you wanna keep up with our trades you can do so using this link. As you can see from this spreadsheet our main goal at bulls is to teach people with smaller accounts how to make consistent profits from week to week. Little gains add up to big months. Risk management and position sizing is something that is really important if you are going to be successful in this business. As you can see we keep our losses small and minimize our risk by making sure we take a manageable position size on each trade. The cool thing about the bulls room is that all the trades are called out live with entry and exit points as well as position sizing.  This is all done via our new video addition in the chatroom. Heres what it looks like! Be sure and email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to come trade with us!


Notable after hours earnings movers: SFLY +12.7%, CSGS +12.7%, PIKE+ 10.3%, VTSS -7.2%, HAIN -3.6%, NOA -2.4%

$brcd- breakout watch thru 5.8

ENOC- breakout watch thru 16

PRKR- breakout watch

CRZO- breakout watch.. nice volume today. love this chart


JMBA- flag breakout watch

TTMI- breakout watch

ANAD- breakout watch

HK- flagging..

JBHT- flagging.. breakout watch

LVLT- still love this one thru 25

VMW- like this chart thru 79.. oversold and looks higher

ADBE- flagging

C- flagging chart

BTU- short setup

YPF- this name is still flagging.. watching for braekout of the flag







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