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Down day.  We got hit with some news overseas. Felt like people had been looking for an excuse to dump stocks as the market was so extended and down came the rain.  As we have seen over the past few years.  In absence of news this market goes higher. When the news cycle changes we get the dips.

We had a decent day in chatroom with some nice wins in $spwr $csiq $yy it could have been epic but i had a mental errors that got me away from going for the kill.  Market breadth has been changing for the last 5 days or so and something to keep an eye on . we are due for a dip but we have some great support underneath that should hold for now.


Check out our BULLS SILVER membership.  If you have less then 25k and cant daytrade this is the best way to go as you can daytrade with our prop firm with even 3k and it gets you  FREE MEMBERSHIP to our chatroom and site! email me if you got any questions

Day Trading with Less then 25k

Our new additon to the chatroom is pretty sweet.  On top of our regular chatroom we have always had you can now pop up a widget that will have me and big willy

on video giving the alerts live and talking through the setups and what we are seeing.  If you want to learn having alerts is great but getting explanation

while its happenign is really a great learning tool.




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