2/26 Speculative Trade Setups

First, let’s look at recent setups and see what’s played out…
HLCS  – was hoping it might rebound today, but we didn’t get a push… stuck below SMA50 again. I’ll watch, but losing interest.
QTWW – I’m keeping this on a separate watch list, but the volume has dried up and SMA20 has proven too difficult to defeat.  I’m still waiting on .85 before I’m interested.
ANX – All I have to say is breakout!  Watching and waiting. Time is now 😉
CYTR – Strong horizontal support at 1.17, but I’m not digging the volume… lost interest
Last night’s setups:
RCON – low volume bastard, but had a nice day. Even though this is looking good, I think I’m going to remove it from my watch list because I just don’t like the volume.. I can’t seem to get over it.
CLRT – Losing interest – volume was nasty and SMA20 too strong.  
ANDS – LOL – enough said – fail
BQI – This turd is still on my watchlist – I really want this bad-boy to move through .70.  I feel like it has a chance, but obviously volume is an issue.
IO – Great looking reversal over the last two days and I’m looking for more – nice swing setup.  I’ve updated my target to 5.11
MWA –  Holding strong on SMA200.  If we see higher relative volume tomorrow, I’ll possibly attempt to swing.
SEED – fell through SMA100 but holding horizontal support. Worth watching, but I’m not confident.
Summary – the setups from the blog haven’t done much over the last few days.  There are still some good setups in this list, so keep the list handy.  The best plays today came out of gold (see my blog on gold last night).  
My current positions – HL, DPTR, KFN (Swings), and small RNN.
New to the watch list:
CDII – Sitting on SMA100.  May breakdown, so I need to see a confirmed reversal before taking a position.
ATHX – I’m always interested in stocks that are sticky to SMA50. Volume is in the toilet, but a bounce off this trendline could offer up a great scalp.
PNX – Another stock that needs volume.  If we get it and slam through SMA20, I’m in with target to 2.61.
WATG – Sideways channel.  Looking for move above SMA20.
SUF – Heavy consolidation.  I’m anticipating a move above .50.
KERX had a pretty good volume day. I would like to see it push through 2.55 for possible swing. Minor resistance at 2.60.
IVAN has great SMA50 support.  Like many others, it needs volume, but very swingable.
 Let’s talk Chinese solar companies – as you may already know, if I’m trading solar, I’m trading Chinese solar companies.  The only names I care about are CSIQ, CSUN, JASO, LDK, SOL, SOLF, STP, TSL, and YGE (all were up today, btw).   Chinese solars ares swingable from here if the sector stays active tomorrow. I’ll likely look at one of the following:
  • I really like the support at $6 on LDK – plenty of room to the upside if the solor momo continues tomorrow.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, look at CSIQ‘s beautiful bounce off SMA200.  Swing time.
  • YGE found support from back in early November and had a nice day today with volume.

YONG – trading in a downward channel. This is bearish. However, if it can manage to break through the topside, it could offer a swing opportunity.  It must get through these levels, however, or it could reverse as it’s done numerous times before.

Others to watch – RINO, FBP, GNBT, PLX
See you in the Boom Factory tomorrow.



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