2/25 Speculate Trade Setups

My speculative watch list update…please be careful if you get involved in any of these and protect yourself.

First, let’s look at my list for Tuesday:

  • HLCS – this was a great play, but the timing had to be perfect.  this is often the case in spec plays in this price range.  I still think there is upside here and will keep an eye on it in the morning for possible re-entry.
  • QTWW continues to struggle against SMA20.  I’ll keep it around, but no interested unless it gets above .85
  • ANX – I freakin love the setup, but wonder if it will ever happen.  The consolidation is ridiculous and the closer it gets to SMA50, the more I think it will pop.  I’ll scalp this like a wild man if we get a bounce with volume – not owning it ahead of the move – too inexpensive to hope.
  • CYTR – like ANX, just interested in scalp on move out of consolidation.  Staying on my watch list.

OK – some new stuff I’m watching for Thursday:

  • RCON – currently sitting on horizontal support. If it moves up from here, I might swing long.  However, a move below and I’m avoiding until it 5.50. At that point I’ll look for support again.
  • CLRT – I like the MACD positive cross and collapsing bollinger. Possible small position entry if it gets through SMA20 and a position add if it gets through 2.30 resistance.
  • ANDS – Volume is impressive.  Next inflection area at 2.40.  Above that and I’ll look for a an entry and possible run
  • BQI – this chart is an absolute pile of poop, BUT I like the rounding bottom on the MACD and we seem to have put in a bottom. Again, this stock sucks, but I just want to participate for a few hours.. maybe a day or two. Entry at .70 and I’m really hoping it doesn’t have issues at .75.
  • IO – horizontal resistance and bottomed out Full Sto.  This is a swing candidate. First target 4.75, then 5.25
  • MWA – possible trendline and SMA200 support reversal today. Swing candidate. 
  • SEED – SMA100 support with MACD positive cross.  Swingable.

See you all in the Boom Factory tomorrow.



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