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Hello Folks! Here is the webinar recording for last weeks webinar with Paul.  Here are 14 important tips to swing trade this type of stock market.  As with all types of trading whether your day trading or swing trading it is important to have proper strategy that is dynamic and can adapt in different market conditions.  If you want to take a swing trade in this market make sure you follow these rules so that you can stay in the game as the market gets a bit crazy. Risk management is key!

If you part time trade or swing trade we have a great service for you that Paul runs. We have a FREE TRIAL for all those interested. Everyday Paul does a nightly report and video along with live alerts when he makes a trade.  Paul only offers the type of trades that you can do straight from your smart phone this is perfect for those that can not sit there and micromanage their positions.

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About Kunal Desai

Kunal Desai is the Founder and Lead Instructor at Bulls on Wall Street. Since 2008, Kunal has helped thousands of traders reach their trading goals through his unique live trading courses. Kunal is a day trader by day and industry leading instructor by night.

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