12/4 hot stocks

Awesome start to the month in the bulls room. Afternoon trading was a bit slow today but we had a killer morning with a total of $1165 in gains today. What I see with the market is that the SPY continues to get rejected by the 50dma. Everytime we tap that moving average we fail for the past 2 months. Once the market dips below the 50dma trading is much more volatile and thas what we have been seeing. Thats the market to watch for now. Here is a look at the trades plus a few stocks I am watching for tomorrow:

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ALJ- breakout watch. flagging right under breakout spot

CUR- r/g move.. momo play

CHTP- breakout watch over 2

VVUS- flattening out.. watching for a break of this base

ZLC- bear flag

MNI- stock is flagging

XNPT- flattening/coming out of range

NIHD- coming off a bottom. bottom bouncer

ABMD- breakdown watch. alot of sell volume

ZAZA- breakout watch

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