12/3/2010 boom boom stocks

Morning folks. futures have taken a dip across the board due to job numbers which were horrific but kind of in a good way.  S&P is down abotu .5% no biggie.  Oil and nattie gas are down slightly.    Typically on job number days the play has been to fade strenght on good reports and take profits or on bad reports buy into the weakness.
My game plan for today is to look for a reversal in the afternoon at some point and get long some names.  The only redflag is that todays number is a surprise which would lead to some constant sell pressure so thats something to keep in the back of your mind.
Key levels to watch is the $spx 1200 zone for support and $spx 1125 as resistance

i also like ulbi, mrge, twer,hov, bzh, sbib revu, ftk



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