10/19 hot stocks


Market ended red yesterday but overall it made for a nice trading day. We didnt get much movement yesterday but the market still had a strong feel too it.  Its much easier to trade when the market gaps down at the open. We overtraded a bit in the boom room but still made $725 in the boom room .. in part due to the coal run in the morning. Here is a look at the trades and a few stocks I am watching today:

Pre Market gappers: RVBD +10.2%, SNDK +6.6%, LSCC +5.4%, CALL +5.1%, NCR +4%, COF +3.5%, RMBS +3.1%

MPG- breakout watch

BCRX- breakout over 4.5

INSM- flag breakout

LNG- breakout watch

XRTX- looks like it could pop to 8 any day now.. on watch

ARCO- breakout over 16


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