10/18 hot stocks

Great day of trading for us in the boom room. We had $983 in gains today. One of our big winners came from $sify. Here is a detailed blog for subs on how we nailed sify today for 8%. If you keep missing these trades.. please come check us out. We have one of the best educational sections around for traders. How to play earnings breakouts are explained in detail to subs over and over again, here, here, here, and here.  Besides just earnings breakouts, we provide subs with hundreds of blogs detailing other killer setups so that everyday they can find huge winners.  You won’t find this type of education anywhere else!

A few stocks on tap for tomorrow:

BIOF- nice chart.. flagging.. looks like has another run in it soon

YONG- flagging.. might be resting for more.. watching for break of trendline

AHS- breakout watch

JRCC- breakout watch 4.6 is the spot

INSM- flag break

SKH- breakout watch

LGF- nice breakout chart setting up

ITMN- trendline break

WLT- coals still hot.. this one has a nice look

FIG- breakout watch






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