10/16 hot stocks

Market finally bounced with some strength today. The morning looked like a gap and fade day again, but around lunch time we got a bounce that actually stuck for the first time in a while. We had a nice day in the boom room with $609 in gains. The coals heated back up towards the end of the day and is one sector to watch for tomorrow.

Here is a look at the trades from today and my list of stocks that I am watching for tomorrow. Be sure and email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if you are interested in trading with us.

Trades from today:


Trade Example:

$cycc was a big trader for us today as we hit it twice for over 10% daytrade on the two combined trades. The first cycc trade was on the flag. We bought the stock at 7.02 and sold off shares at 7.45 average for $360 dollars


Stocks for tomorrow:

TASR- breakout watch.. stock is flagging

NKTR- breakout watch

DYAX- breakout watch

DY- short setup

ACI- 8 dollar break should rip

SCI- breakout watch.. long setup

DX- hammer candle.. majorly oversold

EXPR- looks headed back for the gap fill





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