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Evening folks!  Nice day for the markets overall. After some early morning weakness that took us near support levels the bulls finally showed some “sack” and mustered a bit of a run.  We had a mid afternoon dip that got us all thinking “here we go again” but then bam! the market took off and closed at highs.  Overall not a bad day.  Was today a gamechanger mmmm im not sure on that yet. Breadth is still negative , Im not seeing the level of breakouts that I would like to see that tells me there is spec money pouring in.  All we really got was a “thats nice but lets see what happens” type of day.


I DID not see anything epic on my scans.  But this is earnings season so you really dont even need scans there will be dozens of opportunities each day from new stuff so wake up early and run your scans for gappers & news!


WE did start our Trading bootcamp last night.  

Here is the schedule for the classes



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