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Watch List 12/27/2013

End of the year rally continues in the Market as indices riding up on top of the Bollinger Band. There might  be a possibility of pull back as Market getting a bit overbought or we will just creep higher. As […]


Watch List 12/23/2013

Holiday trading week is here as Market open  half day on Tuesday and closed on Wednesday. There should be some good opportunities in benign  holiday  trading environment.If you want to learn how to trade like us  then you need to […]


Watch List 12/20/2013

Digestion day in the Market as expected  after big move from yesterday. Another decent day in Bulls chat room with $1400 gains for the day via our official real time trade alerts.If you want to learn how to trade like […]


Watch List 12/18/2013

Red day in the Market as S&P-500 is now a in  “Tween Zone” between 20 and 50 DMA. No clear trend yet so it is better to take quick gains and avoid over trading. Decent action in few individual names […]


Watch List 12/16/2013

No meaningful bounce yet in the Market as indices starting to construct slight Bear flags. SPY has a 50 DMA below, If Friday’s low is breached,  a quick sell off to test the 50 DMA  would not be surprising. If […]


Watch List 12/13/2013

Down day in the Market but many actionable setups intraday if you knew where to look. We traded  long, short and bounce plays, with trading long momentum name TSLA, CYTR, playing bounce in IEP and TRLA, shorting earning mover LULU […]


Watch List 12/11/2013

Down day in the Market but plenty actionable opportunity  in many recent momentum individual stocks like TWTR,SCTY,TSLA,DDD,CSIQ. Another great day in Bulls chat room with $2661 gains for the day. All calls are posted via real time alerts. If you […]


Watch List 12/09/2013

Gap up rally in the Market as S&p-500 back to Bullish zone after pull back and bounce off from 20 DMA. Decent week for Bulls crew as our official trade alerts made a a gains of $4894 for the week.  […]


Watch List 11/06/2013

Pullback continues in the market with S&P-500 barely holding on to 20 DMA. Do or die time for the Market. Watch list tonight mostly contains some earning plays and few stocks that are holding up well during the sell off.If […]


Watch List 12/04/2013

Pull back continues in the Market, S&P-500 almost pulled back to 20 DMA. I am expecting a bounce here soon or after a test of 20 DMA. Another great day in Bulls  chat room with $2070 gains for the day. […]


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