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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Watch List 09/30/2013

S&P-500 trying to hold on to 20MA with 50 MA support under. News driven indecisive Market so anything can happen here. Theme for the last week was strength in individual sectors and small caps stocks  as Bulls official trade alerts […]


How to Catch a Falling Knife

$FU is a Chinese, low float momentum name that went from $4.50 to $11.50 in two weeks. On Thursday, the stock finally showed some weakness due  to some news. We shorted the stock on 09/26/13 at $10.55 as it broke […]


Watch List 09/27/2013

Four days of range bound action continues in S&P-500. This should have a resolution soon, given the action in small cap Russel, Bulls might have an edge. Even though Market in a range, price action in individual stocks remain strong […]


Watch List 09/25/2013

Bounce and fade day in the Market. SPY break below today’s low could try 168 area.A break above today’s high will bring the momentum for bulls. Great start of the week in Bulls chat room. We had two killer back […]


Watch List 09/23/2013

Sell- off day on in the Market on Friday. S&P-500 managed to hold  short term support 8 EMA with some strong support at 169.50 area. below 169.50 Market has 20/50MA support  not that  far away. Decent week in the Bulls […]


Watch List 09/20/2013

Pause day in the Market. Healthy action so far as few sideways days would setup new alerts for later. Pretty much everything that was supposed to break out did breakout so far.VIPS,DSX, EGLE, ALNY, EJ, HIMX, KNDI, TASR few movers […]


Watch List 09/18/2013

Another rally day in the Market as it holding onto the gains well so far. Tomorrow should be an interesting day as traders will be eying on FOMC tapering decision. We might rally on the morning and slowing off and […]


Watch List 09/16/2013

Consolidation week in the Market as individual stocks keeps on running.Chart pattern in the index’s and action in many individual stocks suggest Market is ready to move higher. Too many charts looks great at this point and i will be […]


Watch List 09/13/2013

Consolidation in the market, which is good to set up some charts for further run. This environment is tricky for short term traders since many choppy/head fake move happens. See my recent post about “Recognizing the Market’s Trend and Trading […]


Watch List 09/11/2013

Another up day in the Market,however Market is getting a bit overbought at this stage as  SPY getting into some congestion zone , so some caution needs to be applied going forward with new long entries. Small watch list for […]


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