Well I'm switching gears…

I’ve been trading using Twitter for the last year.  As more and more people join the site, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of followers that I’ve gained.  Needless to say you do not earn 3000+ stock-related followers by making stupid moves.  I think most of my followers will agree that I have done everything I can on creating successful research for long term investing.  Some of our best wins for the year include: AAPL, ARMH, BAC, BCS, CCME, CENX, CELM, CHOP, CYCC, DDRX, GRO, LLEN, MEE, NXG, PCX, PUDA, LIWA, NEP, RINO, RNWK, SPU, SRZ, TRIT, VVUS, and the list goes on and on.  I remained bullish throughout 2009 while many challenged me along the way, no doubt about it we made the right moves and aligned with some very smart people. 

I’m still holding many longs that I’m very excited about.  
I find the increasing traffic and questions on Twitter to be overwhelming.  I have a number of personal projects, not to mention work research that I’ve been developing.  I wanted to start the Twitter trading thing to see if good people could help others do great things, and based on the mostly positive feedback we’ve received I think we have done pretty well.  
That said, my time is of the utmost importance to me.  I am still always happy to help people, if you want to ask me questions join me in the Boom Factory, or ask questions in the premium blogs.  Whatever questions you have I’ll be here to help everyday.  

In the meantime you likely won’t see me tweeting my trades on Twitter anymore.  I may comment on large trades, or companies that interest me.. but I just feel it’s time for me to put more focus on my research.  @copperstl has also made a similar decision awhile ago, you may notice she pulled back on her setups and tweets, but it’s helped her stay focused in the black room and we all appreciate her for that.  Her focus has inspired me to make a few changes to help with my research.  

So again, I’ll still be here, but if you have questions on trades or fundamental research on companies then join us on BULLS Premium so we can continue to build the site and add value to our premium subscribers. ..and sincerely, for those of you who have followed me since the beginning — thank you for all your support.  I especially want to thank Leigh @copperstl, Kunal @kunal00, and Ryan @urban_ryno for making this so much fun!  

I have had an incredible year.. and I promise you we will continue to slay the market as we did in 2009 going into 2011. 




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