Weekend Watch List Cleanup 11-26


It’s the weekend, so it’s time to clean up the watch list and get ready for Monday. Thanksgiving is behind us and I’m ready for a full week of trading to finish out the month and kick off December with a bang.

The Watch List will be updated Sunday night with new stocks to watch for Monday. For now, here is a summary of the cleanup from last week’s list.

The winners coming off the list:


The loser coming of the list:

DMAN – May bounce off SMA20, but I wanted the breakout play… moving on.

What’s left from the list and what I’m thinking now:

RFMD – leaving this on on the list.. If it breaks 7.50, it may continue up for swing long.  Bollinger bands are pretty tight, so I expect something to happen this week.
ACI – Removing from list.. could still break north of 30.40 and bring in buyers, but I’m looking for others with better setups.
CAT – I’m going to pull it off the watch list because, frankly, it is always on the watch list.  It is a slow mover and one I like to trade calls or puts.  If you’re a swing trader, you might want to look for a move above $85 and set a comfortable trailing stop.
ATHR – Needs volume and I’m watching for 33.78 before I go long.  However, it is tightening up on SMA20(daily chart) and could possibly move soon.
ANF – I’m taking clothing retailers off the list this week until we here news on how Black Friday performed.  Based on what I saw – BF sucked.
TEL – Tyco is acting exactly like the market – chopping under SMA20.  If SPX gets above SMA20, TEL becomes more interesting.
HOS – Watching triangle still. http://bit.ly/fH5tDr
CPWR – Above 10.50.  I’m kinda losing interest, but keeping it around, just in case.
ARRS – Watching gap fill from late July.. it’s acting like it may not happen.. but watching.
FTR – Holding SMA20. Swinging as long as it holds. Stops below.
NGD – Gold took a hit Friday, so NGD pulled back.  However, it’s still holding above SMA20.  I’m waiting for the breakout before entering (above 9.12).
JASO – Pulling off list.. but will continue to watch solar sector.
Q – Looks ready to go.  I thought Friday was going to open it up, but the market held it back..  This one is high on my watch list on the next strong market day.
DVR – Pulling from watch list.. not too interesting.
ZLS – Was a great scalp earlier in the week, but has fallen apart since.



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