Webinar today 4/17/2014 with @sanglucci

oin Anand Sanghvi (“Lucci”) and Bulls On Wall Street’s Kunal Desai today at 4:30 ET for the most honest trading conversationyou’ll hear all year. 

The last time we put Lucci and Kunal on camera together, we treated audiences to a candid discussion from the two of the best traders and educators in the game. They debated options vs. equities, the psychology of trading and risk management, what separates the good traders from the elite, and a host of other juicy topics.


(Audiences also witnessed how much whiskey two men can drink in a 60 minute period, but that’s beside the point.)


Save your spot next to Lucci and Kunal


Kunal and Lucci have prospered for the past 18 combined years as traders because they are committed to their trading; they’ve thrived as educators because they care about their students and they don’t waste anyone’s time sugar coating the truth. These two and the companies they founded share a commitment to authenticity that sets them apart from the pack.


Join us this afternoon at 4:30 ET for what promises to be an enlightening and entertaining discussion on how trading, and the successful trader, has evolved. Lucci and Kunal will discuss:

  • How their own trading has changed since they started
  • The most important realizations they’ve made in their own careers
  • How the challenges that face their students are different now compared to years ago, and what they do to help them
  • The qualities their most successful students possess and how they developed them
  • How they have navigated the recent turbulence in the markets from both an equities and options perspective

And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to tweet them at Lucciand Kunal or email them to Contact@sanglucci.com.


We’ll see you at 4:30.


-Team SL and Team BOWS


DISCLAIMER: If you are offended by harsh language, today’s discussion is not for you.



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