Webinar 2/13/2011 RYNO'S R US!

Multifaceted webinar.  First we will talk about how I trade and my trading style.  I will show you how to use my swing positions blog/spreadsheet every night to maximize your returns.  These stocks on the list once they trigger are averaging over 7% per trade. Ive made it very simple by giving you guys triggers, stops etc.  We will go over how to maximize this spreadsheet to find incredibly high reward low risk trades. 2nd will be an open discussion. I would love to get some topics from you guys and I will get to every question.
Please leave comments in the bottom on some discussion points.  Feel free to email me at ryan@bullson.ws . Feel free to email me anytime.  It makes me sad that everyone asks Kunal for help and I never get any emails!  I love to help.  This coming year we are going to make this site much more education focused.


“RYNO’s R us”
Sunday, February 13, 2011 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST



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5 thoughts on “Webinar 2/13/2011 RYNO'S R US!”

  1. I’m new to the short-term trading stuff that you guys do, but am loving it! What I’m struggling with is the mechanics of how you make your buy, set your stops, etc., all at once. In the past I’ve just I’ve set a buy order, then sit back and wait for the stock to do its thing. Conditional orders, etc., are new to me, though I am learning.

  2. routines… daily, weekly, adapted to bullsonws swing & Day strategy and daily videos & blogs… if we can syncronice our routines think we all can do better trades… your scans also can be intresting… and your analisys procedure pick a stock, and then i see weekly chart? daily? macd? to say .. this is a good trade…

  3. ALRIGHT! i am looking forward to this. My trading style has to change in the near term as my job (construction management) will be back on track with the weather improving in sunny Cleveland – rofl. So less day trading. First, the spread sheet is great. Is the column headed “price when swing triggered” the recommended price to buy? I suspect but I am sure that there are other variables i.e. volume, sector rotation, peer performance that may need to be considered when making the buy. Lets discuss that. Please also cover how you manage watching so many symbols. It seems that between the swing and day trade watch lists I can have 30 some stocks. I set alerts but at or near the open there may be 4 to 10 alerts that hit. My first review is to check vol and market strength. But I am still only pulling the trigger on a few – mainly waiting to see what the Boom Room consensus. By that time there is usually a b/o and I have missed it. Finally, getting shook out. Not sure what to ask here but th

  4. Hey Ryan,

    Not sure if you guys are still getting alerts about comments to posts this far back but if you read this, I was wondering if this was recorded and if so, could you upload it?




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