We Made it To Colombia!

Cameron and I have arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, for a couple weeks of fun! What we’ve seen of the city so far is awesome and the weather can’t be beat. Check out our place:



We already have some great plans for what we’ll be doing while we are here. With awesome beaches, tons of nightlife, and a huge city to explore, there will be plenty to do. Of course we’ll also be trading while we are here. That’s the great thing about being a day trader – you can literally sit on a beach in South America, drink in hand, and make bank…and that’s just what I plan to do.

If you want to hear more about Colombia and the life of a trader, we’ll be holding a webinar on the 21st, at 8 PM EST. We also will be talking about the change in market structure in 2015 and how to adapt to it. If you noticed the market is a lot more volatile then it has been in years past if you use the same tactics as 2009-2014 you can lose very quickly.  If you attended the webinar we held in Costa Rica, you know these on-the-road sessions can be some of the most fun. Don’t miss it – register now!








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