Watch List Update and A Few Additions

Quick update from recent Watch Lists: (highlighted stocks are still on the radar)
4/8 Watch List: 
WAVE – Still a valid setup, but where is my volume? UGG. Scalping isn’t out of the question, but holding over night is..
MENT – Broke out big – up over 10%.  9.30ish target still in sight.
GERN – Tried to survive Friday, just to fail today.. setup no longer valid.
EXK – Winner. My original target of $4 is still valid – We’ll see what happens at 3.80
LIWA – Big winner on news. My guess is that we’ll see some consolidation and/or profit taking this week.  No defined entry here.
VHC – STILL on the radar – just sitting on trendline and SMA50.
KLIC – Winner. Moved nicely out of ascending triangle.  Strong volume may continue to favor the long swings.
4/12 Watch List: 
VHC – Carry over from previous
MITI – Still holding trendline, but I’m not ready to take a position until it confirms that the trendline will hold.  Watching.
IVAN – Watching with concern.
FRPT – Big winner today out of triangle.  Boom.
TQNT – Big winer today on breakout through ascending triangle.
KLIC – Carry over from previous. Winner.
CCOI – Hasn’t confirmed strength yet.. watching.
F – I like Ford and this is an obvious swing.. May enter tomorrow and set stops just under SMA50.
PDC – No Change – still on radar, but needs volume
HEK – May move, but I’m losing interest. The setup isn’t quite my style, but the volume demands attention.
RFMD – Winner – I took a position in RFMD today. Not a strong move, but again, this is a swing. Looking for continuation on MACD positive crossover.
Here are a few speculative plays under $4.  Careful with these, they can hurt if you hold them overnight.. make sure you know the news and events surrounding these and any stocks you jump in during earnings season.
CXM – Penny speculative play that has my attention on healthy volume and improving MACD, RSI14, and Slow Sto.  Looking for a scalp here tomorrow.
STEM – Another risky play.. I haven’t had good history with STEM, but I like the setup.  Looking to scalp if it moves through SMA50 (1.19). First run should take it to 1.26 range if we get some volume.
ANO – Could test all new highs.  I like the volume accumulation on positive days. 
BPAX – Symmetrical triangle inside of an upward channel.. definely worth watching for possible breakout.
QTM – Finished on high of day.  This is more of a feel trade than a technical trade. Chart looks ok – possible swing above 2.85 with SMA100 stop.
 That’s all I have for now.. See you in the boom factory!



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