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Watch List Update

Here are a few new stocks to the Watch List. SPY and SPX are at the top of a range right now, so trade very carefully tomorrow. I want to see the market prove it can get out of this chop range and stay there. Don’t over swing. Honestly, I would really like some of the market leaders that ran up over the last two days to consolidate, allowing us to get back in.  In a choppy market, I’m not interested in chasing. ie – AH, CMG, LAD, etc.

Here are a few I’ve added to the Watch List.. expect more IF we can consolidate here.


SPN – looking for move above sma50
KEG – looking for move out of triangle
LAVA – Breakout on VOLUME.
VICL – Not too sure here, but there may be a breakout in the making. worth watching.









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