Shibamm. Kaboom. Smack.

Three red candles on the SPX daily with a 1% move down on Friday DOES NOT help produce good long swings.  Yeah, there are some out there, but not many.  So, to no surprise, the Watch List was pretty much cleaned out and it’s time to get ready for a new one.

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Latest Swings Stopped Out:

DGX out 60.4 for 1.68% gain
AZO out 292.68 for -0.11% loss
ILMN out 74.06 for 0.08% gain
ROST out 74.06 for 2.48% gain
ALTR out 43.64 for -0.14% loss
ALSK out 8.96 for -0.44% loss
OKE out 72.21 for 1.56% gain
WAC out 19.07 for 4.78% gain

The list is clean.  I will add more this evening to watch for this week.



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