Watch List Update 12/27/2010

Here are my latest thoughts on this week’s watch list:
Stocks still trending long:
    •  RAME – continues to trend up, but is outside of bollinger bands, so be aware of possible pullback.  Chart shows stops at 1.84 in current position. First target 2.08, second target 2.50.
    • EPL – still in swing mode, but very low volume.  Stop at 14.25.
    • VTG – 1.98 stop on swing out of consolidation triangle.  Still swingable, but need volume soon to see VTG move to 2.20 target.
    • BWEN – nice action today finishing near HOD.  Some resistance here, but a break through 2.14 could open the doors.  2.00 stop. Target 2.42
    • QTM is now swinging since it finished above SMA20.  As long as it holds upward trending SMA20, swing is valid.
    • GLDD – nice bounce off horizontal support. Needs support to continue, but now in swing mode with stop at 7.25.
    • CPT made a nice move through horizontal resistance today.. now swinging with 52.80 stop.
Stocks not yet in swing trade, but watching:
    •  PIP – Needs to get above 4 before I consider long swing
    • ZQK – Watching for move through 5.30
    • AXU – Watching for move through SMA20
    • ELY – Needs volume.. still on watch.
    • STEC – Consolidating and watching.
    • AXTI – Getting close to getting through the ceiling, but needs volume to get over 9.25 for swing long.
    • LINE – Still on watch
On watch, but losing interest:
    • ELN
    • JASO – fell below SMA20.. Needs to get above before interested long.
    • LIZ – looking like it might have a hart time with 7.75
    • PVX – struggling to get back to horizontal resistance
    • EGO – falling out of triangle.  Not a good swing setup right now.



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