Despite the DOW being down, there were numerous strong moves off the Watch List today.  Here is an update and what I’m looking for on Tuesday from the stocks that HAVEN’T moved yet (I’ll try to add new names tonight)…

RAD – needs volume, but a push through .96 could add 4-6 cents pretty quickly for a nice scalp.

CPST – Watching this cup and handle formation at .80.  A break of .80 with volume could open the doors.

JSDA – Still struggling with trendline resistance.  Needs a volume pop and break of this line to get buyers in.

UTSI – I still think UTSI has a chance.  2.25 opens up the action a little.  Chop chop before then.  MACD looking for positive cross as soon as tomorrow.

BIOF – Still consolidating down on decreasing volume and improving MACD.  A move through SMA20 might bring me in.

PRGN made it through trendline resistance today, but not convincingly.  Still worth watching because of volume.

PWAV is still worth watching for bust through 2.25

DSX – already satisfied the entry I was looking for, but it has a fresh setup now.. If it can get through this horizontal resistance area, it could keep going.

MHR still worth watching. I liked the volume today and test of $5.



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