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Watch List Notes

Today was nasty. No other way to put it. The crappy economic data finally caught up with us and the dollar strengthened – not a good combo for momentum traders like most of us here at Bulls.  As of result of today’s smackdown, many of the stocks actively swinging from the Watch List stopped out.  The but shining winner has been ZAGG – up 22% since being added based on today’s close.

Latest Closed Swings (4 outa 6 wins):

PDS – 3.31% gain
USAT – 1.65% loss
MNTA – 1.48% gain
ZIOP – 4.81% gain
IO – 1.21% gain
ORCL .29% loss

Still Swinging:

ZAGG – up 22% so far

More swings setups later tonight just in case we see a bounce.

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