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Watch List Notes

The end-of-week actino pretty much shook us out of everything. However, we’ll have a fresh list of stocks to watch for next week, so check back Sunday evening.

Latest from the Watch List:

Swings Stopped Out End of Week:

RAX stopped at 40.87 for .62% gain
APKT stopped at 66.6 for 6.46% gain
PNM stopped at 16.05 for .25% gain
ARIA stopped at 9.72 for 1.14% gain
VVTV stopped at 7.68 for 5.79% gain
NUVA stopped at 34.27 for .09% loss
FOSL stopped at 107.50 for .46% loss
TIF stopped at 74.09 for 1.49% gain

New swing entries:

DGX entry at 59.40

New setups Sunday evening.

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